Testing out voiceover and recording traditional art!

Link to the video: Watercolor Video

I’m so sorry if this is a very amateur done video, I hope I can make it better next time by learning from the flaws from this video. I am also sorry for the crappy background sounds of cars passing by lol I literally live next to the main road. I did the voice over with no script nor pre-planning except for a small introduction. So there were times that I stuttered/paused but I tried my best to speak despite the uncomfortable setup.

Speaking of the setup, I used my Iphone 7 camera to record this! Total noob but I will try to buy a nice camera so I could use it for future speedpaintings/speeddrawings that aren’t anime related. So yeah, I’m really pushing myself to make some contents and possibly make some charms/prints for me to try to sell in the future.

I have been thinking a lot about my future and I really think that I might just keep art as my main hobby but still try to make a side career of. I will mainly focus on learning Computer Science in college so I can get a fair background in both areas. Although I’m very upset that there isn’t a minor for Graphic Design in my top choice college/university.

Anyhow, rambles aside – I really do appreciate you guys watching this video despite the fact that it was so poorly edited. I tried to make it watchable at the very least. I hope I can improve fast and get over the awkwardness.


  • Iphone 7 Camera & Movie Maker
  • Winsor & Newton watercolor set
  • Microns
  • White Gel Pen
  • Mossery’s mixed media sketchbook



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