[SPEEDPAINT] Ryuushi Summer Chibi

Speedpaint video link: [SPEEDPAINT] Ryuushi Summer Chibi

I wanted to try some sort of digital art piece that was more presentable and aesthetically to the eye. I hope to do more like these and improve much more with details so I could possibly make prints in the future. Although, I still have to work a lot on how to market myself and top quality pieces.

Yet, I think this is a good begin towards my goal and I hope to learn more about it. I also intend to produce more materials such as video and just drawings in general.

Besides that point, I just drew my OC, Ryuushi, in a chibi form since his colors reminded me of the summer. So I made use of all the summer colors, including pastel yellow/orange as the background to make Ryuushi pop up.

I do feel like my editing skills have improved a bit more compared to my first time doing this, although there’s not much options/functions to take/do in Movie Maker. Hopefully one day I can afford to subscribe to Adobe Creative Cloud~


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